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Pure white salt means British Salt

Salt – it touches all our lives. From food production and water treatment to animal feeds and keeping the roads safe in winter, in one way or another salt is a vital daily commodity.

British Salt is the UK's leading manufacturer of pure dried vacuum salt products. With a reputation for quality of products, service and reliability of supply British Salt plays a crucial role in keeping British industry moving.

Value-Addition by being a KERRY Distributor

Kerry. THE TASTE AND NUTRITION COMPANY 23,000 staff embedded in six continents – all with the same goal: to delight and nourish consumers across the globe with products people enjoy and feel better about.

Based on changing consumer needs, our renewed focus for the future is taste and nutrition because these are the two things that consumers really care about. This simply means that we create more authentic and delicious taste experiences with the vital feel-good factor provided by nutritional science.

Every day millions of people throughout the world consume foods and beverages containing our taste and nutrition solutions. We are proud to provide our customers with the expertise, insights and know-how they need to deliver products that people enjoy and feel better about consuming.

Kerry's commitment to taste and nutrition also extends to the biotech, pharmaceutical and nutritional markets, providing unique, innovative solutions that address manufacturers’ formulation challenges.

We are dedicated to making the world of food and beverage better for everyone. Our products include:

  • Predusts, intermediates and matrices – A blend of flour-based, cracker meal-based and high-adhesion systems as flavour carriers that promote adhesion and coatings pick-up rates
  • Batters and breaders – A range of different batters for use as part of a coating system or as the outer coating, flour-based, homestyle breaders and finer granulation cracker meal breaders.
    Examples include:
    • Starch-based batters, corn-based batters, wheat-based batters, sugar batters, tempura batters and flavoured batters among many others
    • Crumbs – Breadcrumbs play a key role in taste, delivering flavour while supplying distinct textures and visual appeal to any substrate. Examples include:
      American / traditional breadcrumb, Japanese breadcrumb, novel crumb, cracker meal.

Proud to be the Distributor for

Aqueous Smoke , Smokes for Taste , Dry Smokes , Browning Solutions , Authentic Grill Flavours , Smokes for Showering , Brine Soluble Smokes , Smokes for Regeneration , Cooking Flavours , Naturally Smoked , Oil-based Smokes.

For over 50 years, Red Arrow has provided superior smoking solutions to the processed meat industry as well as flavor and processing solutions to the food industry. Our products and services are available worldwide through our network of technically trained, in-country distributors and Red Arrow International staff.

Celanese is The Chemistry Inside Innovation™ and they aspire to be the first-choice chemistry solution source for our customers. They are engineers, scientists, operators and product developers. They are innovators, advisers, designers and problem solvers. Most importantly, they are partners – in creating value for their customers with the solutions we offer and in improving the world through the actions of their colleagues.

They produce products that make our lives a little easier, by helping customers to bring their inspired ideas and innovations to life. From the global production network of their Acetyl Chain, they provide materials that are critical to the global chemicals and paints and coatings industries. From the broad portfolio of Materials Solutions, Celanese advance automotive and consumer electronic designs and enable life-improving medical, food and beverage products – we offer solutions to the customers to help them succeed.

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