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About Millenium

Millenium Chemical Trading LLC aims to be a market leader in trading and distribution of food ingredients, raw materials & chemicals. We connect manufacturers and end users throughout the UAE and Middle East. Millenium Chemical trading LLC provides whole distribution solutions of commodity chemicals, raw materials and food additives. With over 300 products in stock and a highly diverse supplier-base, Millenium caters to more than 500 customers for the UAE and Middle East.

We are an organization that prides itself on its adherence to international standards and safety norms; the fact that we are the bearers of ISO 9001:2015 and HACCP certification badges reflect our achievements.

We are committed to integrity in our business transactions and dealings with customers, suppliers, our employees and the public. This extends to the fulfillment of our personal responsibilities of complying strictly with the law (national and international) and policies and regulations that Millenium is subject to and of believing in the spirit of the law.

An ISO certified company, Millenium is conscious of its obligations towards the environment of its employees and is aware that all business relationships with suppliers and customers are based on mutual trust and confidence. As for business ethics, the selection of suppliers and services at Millenium is always based on objective and factual criteria. Millenium's employees are advised to avoid any kind of activity or interest that result in a conflict of interest.

Our strong presence in UAE and Middle East, technical expertise including FOOD Technologists and integrated marketing strategy provide enormous benefit not only to our customers, but to business partners as well.

We are driven by our passion to meet the expectations of our customers while continuing to contribute to Millenium’s success story. Millenium has created its reputation of being a preferred supplier by delivering the widest range of food ingredients, specialty chemicals, foodadditives. Our technical and sales teams work closely with chemists, food technologist, food processing plants and R&D professionals to identify market needs and develop new products.

We follow a strategy that allows us to create a balance between our decentralized, locally focused management system and the global, centralized organization, which leads to operational excellence. Our key Sales teams in the U.A.E. implement tailor-made concepts to ensure optimal supply to our customers.

Sales management allows our Customer's Strategic Sourcing and Procurement teams to achieve their internal goals.

We follow a profitable growth strategy targeting select industries and focus on taking over activities from chemical, food ingredients producers seeking outsourcing options. In addition, the company constantly seeks acquisition opportunities with an eye for the growth areas of Asia, Middle East, thus continuously expanding the geographic coverage and reinforcing our position as a market leader.

Millenium consists of a team of distinguished specialists. We are also well-versed with brand management and Sole agency management. Our well-trained staff ensures quality check and control in services pertaining to chemicals, adhering to strict HACCP /H.S.E. standards.

Value-Added Services

Competitive pricing, quality assurance, on-time delivery and technical support make Millenium the market leader in full-line distribution (based on most recent Dubai market data).

Some of our value-added services include:

  • Prompt Deliveries
  • Technical Support
  • On Board Food Technologists
  • Kitchen and Trial Facilities.


We have accredited by the following certificates.

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